To lease or own?

To lease or own?

At a recent workshop it was pointed out that the price of an effective and well built website seems exorbitant to a struggling small business or startup.

Of course we can’t see that because we need to apply many unseen factors into every build plus years of experience translate into a seamless, and seemingly easy process.

This got me thinking, what if you could lease a website like you would any other equipment within your business?

The lessor takes care of the maintenance, which is a major overhead these days with security updates seeming to come out every week, and after 18 months a new lick of paint and some new curtains for the site. All of this built into a monthly expense which becomes part of the marketing budget and bit of a tax break whilst you are at it.

Just thought I would throw that out there. Maybe it’s time to look at the internet as a vehicle for growth rather than a lost expense for something you will never physically touch.