Steve would be rolling in his grave…

So I upgraded my tablet as soon as iOS 8 was released.
Having using windows forever, since version 3 in fact, I am used to waiting for the first update after a major release.
I sure as hell didn’t think I would have to do that for Apple software, but here we are!

iOS 8 is shambles! I have lost all my magazine subscriptions for starters.

Then to compound the situation Apple release version 8.0.1 which has turned everyone’s phone into an iPod.

Let’s not mention the folding iPhone 6 Plus issues.

How did they let these things be released to the public. The bending iPhone is a major thing in my eyes. Steve Jobs would never have let such a thing out into the wild without it being scrutinised. Jobs was the ultimate in fault finding and he would have let everyone know.

It looks like Samsung may be getting my hard earned money next time around.