SEO is dead or is it online advertising that is dead

SEO is dead or is it online advertising that is dead

According to the “experts” SEO is going the way of the dinosaurs and these charlatans who offer SEO services are not getting any results for their clients.

Now I have just seen that online advertising is about to be declared and DOA.

So according to all these experts the Internet is about to go back to its birth and become bulletin boards for people to chat about the latest incarnation of the World of Warcraft and not business.

So once we take a step back and look at things we can see that all these things plus a lot more need to be considered in any business and its marketing. SEO is alive and kicking, possibly more than ever, as google keeps changing things. If you haven’t got a decent optimisation plan in place then each and every change will require a lot of work to be done with seemingly no clear results. Online advertising needs to be built around a decent premise and campaign that is going to engage. Engagement is great but unless you have an optimised site or landing page then the campaign becomes a wonderful way to spend cash on getting your name out there.

We can then move into all the other acronyms. SEO, SEM, SMM, AND TLA (Three Letter Acronym). All of them necessary, except one, no prizes for guessing which one.

In isolation any and all disciplines are dead and buried, however when putting a complete campaign or strategy together all channels need to be considered and implemented.