Not micro manage but micro market

Not micro manage but micro market

Set Godin has just written a very interesting article on the new way of marketing. I say new way but it is the way us online, digital marketers have been doing it for ages.

That is employing a method as follows:

  • Who is your ideal client?
  • Where is your ideal client (can be part of question 1)?
  • What channels do they frequent? (social, news, search, local)
  • Identify the channel options for marketing? (viral content, targeted ads, remarketing…….)
  • Plan the budget and ROI
  • Go for it!!

No longer can you mass market to the masses via TV or radio. People are looking for the specialist who can give them their personal product. Something to brag about to their friends!

There is still the “I got the bargain of the century” mentality but now it is “I got this personalised for me, there will be no other like it, and it was the bargain of the century”.