For all your [insert service or product] needs

For all your [insert service or product] needs

I am seeing more and more of this lazy tagline!
For all your widget needs!

I even saw it on a large balloon above a petrol station. “For all your convenience needs”. So what is a convenience and can you get 2 for 1?

Yes I might need a widget but why should I come and get your widgets?
Are they any good?
Are they affordable?
Do you have the colours I want?
Do you even have the size I need?

Why not try something creative like, “We have every size and every colour of widget imaginable” or “Rated best widget in country”.

So when thinking of a brand tagline please put a bit of thought into it rather than going with something boring and unimaginative.

If you are still struggling just give us a call and we can help