How to move into digital

So, at the moment I am working for a traditional marketing agency whom are trying to tackle the digital world.

This post is about some of the lessons I am learning when it comes to education someone (business owner or employee) on how to move into the digital world. Recently I have seen digital put aside because it just seemed “too hard” and replaced with traditional mediums. When I asked about clearly measuring the success I was met with blank looks. Digital or online channels are clearly measurable. Who and how did the people interact with the ad, banner, post, website etc?

With digital tools all the metrics are clear and present within report on report.

As long as you have a clear goal in mind and are willing to get through the initial scope for any work the power of digital marketing is astounding. As an example, a well optimized google Adwords ad can be viewed by thousands of people within a day, and that is measured. Compare to a tv ad that is out there and cannot be accurately measured. Also compare budgets of online starting at $100 and tv starting at $1000 and no clear measurement.

Have a think about digital in these economic times and you too can experience a massive ROI.

Good luck.