Do you have a “side project”?

So, what is your side project?

Is it a hobby?

Is it the direction of your career?

Is it a passion that may, or may not, be your future focus?

It seems that the more and more people I talk to lately have a side project they are working on. It consumes their spare time and even encroaches on their daily thoughts when trying to work at the 9 to 5 job.

Was it born from a crazy thought? How crazy was that thought? Have people told you that is a great idea?
So what will it take to get the crazy idea off the ground now? Is it someone who can give you the access to some resources or is it simply someone to keep you accountable?

For me it is a crazy idea that is morphing into something bigger. I am getting the resources and I have someone who is keeping me accountable now.

It hasn’t taken much to get things moving, so what are you waiting for!?