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Sorry, but you can’t know everything

How many times have you come across someone, or is it you, who knows a little about a lot of things so they think they can do everything. I have. hint: it’s me. So what have learned after years of screwing things up or not getting the results I wanted is that: You have to know what you don’t know Once you know that you don’t know work out what to ask so you do know That second part is actually the hard part. If you don’t know what to ask you will never get get the answers you need. Ever been in a job interview and been asked to rattle off what you know on a subject and when you don’t know everything on the spot you are deemed as “not knowing”? Well what if you could be asked about just about anything and within 30 seconds you have checked on Google and because you KNOW WHAT TO ASK you have a better answer than trying to grasp vaguely remembered fact from the recesses of you brain? you would be a rockstar. Well that is the lesson to learn. What are the questions to ask when you need to know more. A little knowledge can take you a long way if you know what to ask next to get that little... read more

Is there still a place for traditional marketing?

Too bloody right there is! I was meeting with a potential client the other day after being introduced to them via a traditional PR firm. This firm does not have a handle on digital yet and at the moment do not need it to survive, or even thrive in their case. Even though their digital chops are not there it struck me during this meeting as they presented their “traditional” approach that without the “old school” approach the digital tac becomes that much harder. Think of somewhere like Super Amart. Dan and the crew from Next Thursday are doing a fantastic job of getting that brand seen and known a little better through the use of a “back to basics” approach of getting a great looking product up and in front of people, literally (think massive billboards). This approach is then creating that “top of mind” for someone to go and search online for Super Amart, not “affordable leather couches” where the search results have been flooded by companies who can import cheap couches then spend the savings on SEO and SEM. Wouldn’t you prefer a method of bringing the old and new together to deliver the most cost effective execution imaginable? I sure as hell would.   How many cliche’s did you spot... read more

5 Must Read Business Books for 2017

Yes, I know, yet another list of business books that you need to read in 2017. There is a difference here though, I promise. These business books are things that have specifically helped me as a small business owner better understand myself and my audience. So I tell people I read a LOT, but in actual fact I listen a lot. I spend so much time in my car driving that I have taken to listening to business books whilst I drive, or not drive, depending on the traffic. So here are my top 5¬†business books for 2017, that just so happen to come in audio version also. The List The Revenge of Analog by David Sax Now I didn’t agree with everything David had to say, especially about the need for computers in education, but overall it was a fascinating look into “old being brand new”. Think vinyl records and cameras using film. The next generation are fascinated with aesthetic of days gone by and so are embracing it. It will be interesting to see if the trends highlighted in this book stay the course though. Ready, Fire, Aim: Zero to $100 Million in No Time Flat by Michael Masterson If you ever needed a blueprint for getting a business off the ground and every step after that then this is the book for you. Rather than vague examples of what could be achieved this book actually gives you a plan to execute. Just make sure you take notes and work through the tasks. Be Obsessed or Be Average by Grant Cardone¬† Grant Cardone can be a bit... read more

3 Advantages to Landing Pages

A landing page is a specifically built page within a website, or on a standalone platform, that is purely designed to get people to: Signup to something Buy something from you Deliver something to people Just help people out with something So those three advantages to landing pages: Can be campaign specific. The whole page can be to deliver one thing and one thing only so you don’t dilute your content with other offerings and information. They are quick You can have a new landing page up and going in a matter of minutes (if you have your content and template) without needing to change website design to fit. They are immensely measurable You can track EVERYHING in a landing page and thusly learn from each and every page you have built or used. You can even A/B split test without the hassle of building a mechanism to deliver the tests. A landing page is like a website on steroids, lots more sales, lots more data, lots more testing, all becoming your Intellectual Property (IP). Driving data driven decisions and more market share.   If you want to know more head on over to LeadMe... read more

What is a digital native?

According to Wikipedia a digital native is: a person born or brought up during the age of digital technology and so familiar with computers and the Internet from an early age. Well, I have just been referred to as a native, which I find amusing. I am 42, computers were not common place until I was in the final year of high school and the internet hadn’t become mainstream until I hit university, and even then it was bulletin boards accessible via a Unix dumb terminal. So for me to be called a digital native is like my grandmother has been on Facebook forever. This brings us to the next question. What are kids of tomorrow going to do if there is no internet access and no technology to access it? They might become part of the “revolution” and go analogue. In fact a recent book “The revenge of analog” by David Sax, clearly shows that the days of analogue are not numbered, in fact with the modern world moving at such a pace the young are going back to something much simpler. So the marketer in me then asks, how can we marry the two and produce something with the power of digital but the relaxed vibe of analogue? I don’t know yet, but whomever works it out will be a rich... read more

Are you starting with why?

After watching a very interesting TED talk a couple of years ago by a guy named Simon Sinek (Youtube vid below) I started to ask the question of “Why” when assessing a business or potential client.
Well the novelty wore off after a period when I didn’t really see how this worked or if it really worked. Fast forward to now and I have just finished reading the book “Start with why” and I suddenly get it.

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Professionals and Authority

So, I had the pleasure of meeting a professional athlete yesterday who was a quiet and humble man who had an air of a man who knew who he was and what he could do in his arena.

On the other side here was a man who had conquered his sport and had a worldwide following but in his new venture as business owner and ambassador he was a new student.

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Geo locate and local advertising

A funny thing happened on the way to the news this morning…..

I was served an ad for Rundle Mall in Adelaide.

This should not be that weird a thing but I am on the Gold Coast.

Then I did a quick check on my IP address and where that said I was, Darwin.

So I am a consumer on the Gold Coast, being mapped as being in Darwin, being served advertisements for Adelaide.

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