Automation is the new frontier

Automation is the new frontier

I have written before about the wonders automating systems with things like IFTTT and Zapier.

But now people are starting to see the true power of things for everyone. Take for example the disabled who just need the door to unlock, the alarm to turn and the lights to turn on when they get home. Bet you hadn’t thought of using online automation for that?

What about a distress signal instigated by an elderly person suddenly falling with a phone in there pocket then not moving. The phone would have felt the sudden fall then the lack of motion. This could then trigger an alert via an app to tell nursing home staff of the fall or one step further send a distress signal to the Ambulance service with GPS co-ordinates from the phone.

We can then look at saving the planet. How about office towers that purely use lighting and air conditioning controlled by movement being detected and not relying on people to turn lights or heating/cooling off as they leave.

How about using purely the power of digital assets. You instigate an online advertising campaign via Google Adwords. This campaign is driving people to your landing page to register for a free e-book. This registration is taken via Infusionsoft and these people are then in your workflow of timed and thought out sales pitches. Throughout the wholse process you are being notified of each registration that is being recorded automatically in a spreadsheet for you check or you are getting emails.

Currently there about 1000 different interactions you can use online and offline to automate just about anything that is or can be connected to the internet.

What are you going to automate?