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Can you be found by people where people are looking?


Do you have a campaign set up to get to YOUR customers?


Do you have a strategy to talk to YOUR customers?

Want it to make sense?

Got a lot of data that you cannot see through?
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What is success to you?

What you classify as a successful campaign, statement of work or website is different to what another business classes as success. Our method starts with sitting down and working out what will be a success in your mind come final sign off time. That way we are all working toward the same goal.

What do you do with your data?

Have you sat down and looked at all the data that you are collecting on a daily basis? If you have, do you know where to find the insights needed to make a real change? What if you got an outsider, us, in to look at your data and extrapolate some insights to help you make better decisions?

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Latest thoughts

Where did that time go?

So it would appear I haven’t posted in a damned long time!! The reason I would like to give is that I have just been too busy helping my clients achieve some amazing results….. Isn’t that was a “marketing” agency is supposed to say? Well it is because I am not practising what I preach. “Make sure you post at least twice a month to get that SEO and Social love.” There you have it. So there was been a lot of changes in this work in the last year. Just trying to remember everything that has happened but it won’t come to me. I’ll put together something... read more


So you are having your head filled with all these acronyms. SEO – Search Engine Optimisation SEM – Search Engine Marketing (Adwords) SMM – Social Media Marketing How about Content Marketing Also Inbound Marketing So many things to weigh up, especially if you are a small business with little time and little budget for things like this that you don’t know. Unfortunately you need all of these things to succeed. You need to hit all of them hard to begin with then wind things back and you see what is working and what isn’t. Yes we start with a strategy based on best practice for business in your field but you can’t know how it will pan out because your personality needs to resonate with your audience. You don’t have an audience yet? Well there is part of the strategy. So basically you need to build a good base around robust research in your industry. What do people search for when they need you? This becomes the basis of an SEO strategy. Built on top of that is the Adwords campaign that utilises these search terms and enhances the foundation built for SEO. The Ads drive a targeted audience to your website or landing page or phone. You then start the work on building an audience on Social Media. You can create an audience in various management consoles on the media platforms and from there you build a campaign to get the likes, shares, phone calls or buys. Then you take the final step that spans across all of these channels and that is Inbound Marketing using content. You... read more

Where did customer service go?

Just recently I spent some time looking for a new car and a new motorbike. Yep, both at the same time (long story). Anyway I was wandering around the local Audi dealers car lot checking out the second hand cars. I spent a good 15 minutes climbing in and out of the cars trying to work out what model I liked and would fit my family and work needs. I narrow it down to 2 cars that are well and truly in my price range and I wait….. and wait…. and wait…. All the sales staff see me roaming the yard and they are too busy chatting to each other and making coffee. Generally judging my appearance to be someone who couldn’t possibly be able to purchase an Audi directly from a dealer. Admittedly I probably wouldn’t strike anyone as an Audi driver, particularly this day as I was wearing old jeans, a motorbike jacket and carrying a bike helmet. Having said that, it shouldn’t matter what I look like. I was seriously looking for a high end car!!! I work on the internet so I don’t see the customers I drive to clients businesses so I don’t get a chance to judge so in this modern world, face-to-face salespeople shouldn’t judge... read more

Sorry, but you can’t know everything

How many times have you come across someone, or is it you, who knows a little about a lot of things so they think they can do everything. I have. hint: it’s me. So what have learned after years of screwing things up or not getting the results I wanted is that: You have to know what you don’t know Once you know that you don’t know work out what to ask so you do know That second part is actually the hard part. If you don’t know what to ask you will never get get the answers you need. Ever been in a job interview and been asked to rattle off what you know on a subject and when you don’t know everything on the spot you are deemed as “not knowing”? Well what if you could be asked about just about anything and within 30 seconds you have checked on Google and because you KNOW WHAT TO ASK you have a better answer than trying to grasp vaguely remembered fact from the recesses of you brain? you would be a rockstar. Well that is the lesson to learn. What are the questions to ask when you need to know more. A little knowledge can take you a long way if you know what to ask next to get that little... read more

Is there still a place for traditional marketing?

Too bloody right there is! I was meeting with a potential client the other day after being introduced to them via a traditional PR firm. This firm does not have a handle on digital yet and at the moment do not need it to survive, or even thrive in their case. Even though their digital chops are not there it struck me during this meeting as they presented their “traditional” approach that without the “old school” approach the digital tac becomes that much harder. Think of somewhere like Super Amart. Dan and the crew from Next Thursday are doing a fantastic job of getting that brand seen and known a little better through the use of a “back to basics” approach of getting a great looking product up and in front of people, literally (think massive billboards). This approach is then creating that “top of mind” for someone to go and search online for Super Amart, not “affordable leather couches” where the search results have been flooded by companies who can import cheap couches then spend the savings on SEO and SEM. Wouldn’t you prefer a method of bringing the old and new together to deliver the most cost effective execution imaginable? I sure as hell would.   How many cliche’s did you spot... read more

5 Must Read Business Books for 2017

Yes, I know, yet another list of business books that you need to read in 2017. There is a difference here though, I promise. These business books are things that have specifically helped me as a small business owner better understand myself and my audience. So I tell people I read a LOT, but in actual fact I listen a lot. I spend so much time in my car driving that I have taken to listening to business books whilst I drive, or not drive, depending on the traffic. So here are my top 5 business books for 2017, that just so happen to come in audio version also. The List The Revenge of Analog by David Sax Now I didn’t agree with everything David had to say, especially about the need for computers in education, but overall it was a fascinating look into “old being brand new”. Think vinyl records and cameras using film. The next generation are fascinated with aesthetic of days gone by and so are embracing it. It will be interesting to see if the trends highlighted in this book stay the course though. Ready, Fire, Aim: Zero to $100 Million in No Time Flat by Michael Masterson If you ever needed a blueprint for getting a business off the ground and every step after that then this is the book for you. Rather than vague examples of what could be achieved this book actually gives you a plan to execute. Just make sure you take notes and work through the tasks. Be Obsessed or Be Average by Grant Cardone  Grant Cardone can be a bit... read more

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Search engine optimisation is a bit like playing chess with a board that could change shape any second. After years of playing this game we have developed systems that work without the need to worry about penalties.


Search engine marketing is a matter of putting yourself in your customers shoes. What is your ideal customer? What is it they want and how do you engage them and make them buy? There is the art in it, that we know.

Website Design

Of course at the heart of any agency is the ability to build things that work. We don’t always rebuild a website. It might be a case of performing optimised alterations and then focussing on a strategy.

Social Media Management

Whether it is a matter of getting a plan sorted for all your social media or we completely manage your social channels, we have the know-how and resources to deliver.

Matt is someone who was the right cultural fit, and this is often a hard thing to nail. It was his ability to explain things that made sense when other IT geeks only tried to feel powerful by confusing you using words that made no sense and only frustrated everyone. Beyond this, Matt took the ball and ran with it. He’s welcome at our boardroom table anytime as both the internal and external clients dig him. An all round good guy. Dan Adler

Managing Director, The Really Quite Good Ideas Company

Matt is really up to date and knowledgeable in digital marketing trends. I like to work with people that really enjoy what they do and you only have to spend 15 minutes over a coffee with him to understand his passion for IT and digital marketing. He knows his stuff, shows interest in what you do, looks for strategies to employ in your business and focuses on results. David Ford

Recruitment Specialist, New Point Recruitment

I’m very happy with the work Matt has done for us. He recently optimised our site and within two weeks there was a dramatic jump in traffic. Joel Helmes

General Manager, Behind The Wheel

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Drop us a line any time, and we can chat about what is truly possible in the digital space and beyond.
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