Who we are & what we do

Hello! We are Onswitch digital -

We drive qualified leads to your business!

Through the use of both Facebook (Meta) and Google we are able to build campaigns that deliver consistent leads to any small to medium business.

With over 20 YEARS experience in marketing 100’s OF CLIENTS helped throughout the years, wea re more than ready to give you a solution to your pain point.



Always strive to deliver the quality lead a business needs to survive.



Deliver the kind of results that are integral to a business being successful.



Keeping ahead of the curve in terms of platforms and tactics that produce results.



Implementation of security at all levels of the process to ensure the safety of business data.


Delivering value from years of experience.


How we can be useful for you

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Technology requires knowledge and expertise more than it requires money.

Primarily we deal with getting small to medium sized businesses quality leads to expand and grow beyond what thought was possible. This is achieved by following a tried and true system from start to finish. Digital marketing is a science and we are scientists!

Digital marketing

All social media platforms are covered with our strategies.

Funnel development

To cover a full marketing strategy funnels are essential to achieve success.


Selling products online is not an easy win with the amount of competition out there but with the right strategy anything is possible.

Brand management

Without a well thought out brand there can be no longevity in what you are tryting to achieve.

Next Level Marketing

Ready to take your existing marketing to the next level? Then get on board and let's go!

Complex Data Solutions


Analytics driven decisions are the backbone of any campaign and Onswitch has you covered with years of experience collecting & interpreting data.

Only pay a % of your spend

Only pay for our management when you actually spend money on advertising.

Spend Less, Pay Less

When you start getting the results you always wanted we are positive you will want to spend more on advertising!

Whether it’s on a small budget or large we deliver results that can transform a business from small to medium and beyond.


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