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Combining the disciplines of thought and process, OnSwitch digital is in a unique position to offer you a new perspective. We are a digital agency with a difference, in that we are not an agency who is going to “sell” you a solution. We will give you a solution to your problem and then you have the power to take the solution and grow.
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Get your message out there through the measurable medium of digital

Big Data

We take your data and make sense of the chaos. Insights you thought were not even there

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By combining an active and passive approach to marketing, amazing things can happen

Want it to make sense?

Got a lot of data that you cannot see through?
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What is success to you?

What you classify as a successful campaign, statement of work or website is different to what another business classes as success. Our method starts with sitting down and working out what will be a success in your mind come final sign off time. That way we are all working toward the same goal.

What do you do with your data?

Have you sat down and looked at all the data that you are collecting on a daily basis? If you have, do you know where to find the insights needed to make a real change? What if you got an outsider, us, in to look at your data and extrapolate some insights to help you make better decisions?

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Latest thoughts

Are you starting with why?

What is your Why? After watching a very interesting TED talk a couple of years ago by a guy named Simon Sinek (Youtube vid below) I started to ask the question of "Why" when assessing a business or potential client. Well the novelty wore off after a period when I didn't really see how this worked or if it really worked. Fast forward to now and I have just finished reading the book "Start with why" and I suddenly get it. Do you start with why when assessing a new product you are going to produce? Do you ask why when approving a new piece of marketing? Do you ask why when you get up in the morning to get yourself into the office before anyone else?   The why is your driving force! Why did you start your business and why do you keep going? Can you align your why with what you are putting out there? Anyway watch the talk and definitely get a hold of the book, or as I did the... read more

Professionals and Authority

So, I had the pleasure of meeting a professional athlete yesterday who was a quiet and humble man who had an air of a man who knew who he was and what he could do in his arena. On the other side here was a man who had conquered his sport and had a worldwide following but in his new venture as business owner and ambassador he was a new student. I could see his uneasy demeanor so I probed him on his sport with the view to getting my kids into the sport. That did the trick he went into “his” world and the comfort came back. We continued the meeting and I could see that he knew he was a little out of his depth but I could also see that he had made the decision to improve his skills within realm of business. So are you a professional who has honed their skills into a specific role or field? Or have you started to increase your scope so you can give back to your clients your knowledge and understanding of their needs and expertise? An all rounder will always beat a single minded expert in this business world (Tweet... read more

Geo locate and local advertising

A funny thing happened on the way to the news this morning….. I was served an ad for Rundle Mall in Adelaide. This should not be that weird a thing but I am on the Gold Coast. Then I did a quick check on my IP address and where that said I was, Darwin. So I am a consumer on the Gold Coast, being mapped as being in Darwin, being served advertisements for Adelaide. Mind you this all on a desktop PC and not a mobile device with some form of GPS in it. So with the decline in the use of desktop PC’s are we seeing the decline in marketers abilities to deliver effective and efficient solutions to their clients? I think we might be, but on the other hand how do you combat the lack of consistent geo location information when the world is becoming smaller and the delivery of services is not so much a local transaction... read more

When home cooking comes home

So how does a home cooked meal sound at the end of an exhausting day plus a long commute to and from work? No more fast food and more fresh food. Well Gigamunch aims to satisfy that craving! ( see what I did there ) Like Sarah Spigelman Richter over on Mashable pointed out this is the extension of the Uber and Airbnb model. Marrying two sides of the consumer retailer relationship. Do you love to cook but don’t want a career working in a kitchen? Great why don’t you show your talent to a select few in the area who just want a decent meal made for them. There’s a whole world of local cooks creating amazing, homemade food. We help you discover meals and deliver them to you. – Gigamunch... read more

Are we making things too complicated?

Lately I have been working with more and more companies who tell me they know what they are doing in the world of digital. However I find that they have a very simplified overview of what is possible and how it is possible. I am not a man who speaks in tongues about the latest proxy server settings and whether or not to use a CDN to deliver your optimised and targeted content. I would prefer delivering a strategy that is driven by you to get you the outcome your require. The technical part can be left to us and you can concentrate of delivering the greatest value to your customer, just like I am trying to do for you. So are we complicating things by trying to bombard you with a plethora of options that you may not have even heard of? No the options out there are limitless so we are trying to whittle down the options so you can make a decision to meet your goals, not goals set by us. As the customer you need to go to your digital marketer or traditional marketer and "tell them" what you are trying to achieve, not them "tell you". Fore armed is fore warned.... read more

5 SEO Tactics You Can Do Now

There are about a millions things that can be done and continuously tweaked to achieve a good ROI on your SEO spend. Just measuring ROI of SEO is an art within itself so you could easily be led down the garden path and lose your shirt very quickly. Here I have put together 5 things that you can do yourself that can deliver big results if not already in place and also it can deliver a boost just from reviewing where you are currently at with the SEO process. Have you put in alt tags for every image? Don’t just insert the title of the page or post either. You need to make the alt tag a description of the image, and maybe your brand name. The reason: it will help when people search for an image. So when they search for an image of a chair and there is your post image within alt tag of “red chair OnSwitch digital”. The old chestnut of Title Tags. Take note of what you want to rank for within the search engines. Then using that list review the title tags within your site. Do your titles address the keywords you made a list of? Is your domain name targeting your keywords or your brand? Will you use the domain name to be the focal point of a brand campaign, ie get your name out there and be found easily and quickly from a brand name search? Or are you just trying to rank for some keywords that can deliver sales, leads etc etc? Make the decision and stick to it. Do... read more

Our Skills


Search engine optimisation is a bit like playing chess with a board that could change shape any second. After years of playing this game we have developed systems that work without the need to worry about penalties.


Search engine marketing is a matter of putting yourself in your customers shoes. What is your ideal customer? What is it they want and how do you engage them and make them buy? There is the art in it, that we know.

Website Design

Of course at the heart of any agency is the ability to build things that work. We don’t always rebuild a website. It might be a case of performing optimised alterations and then focussing on a strategy.

More than just websites

Think you need a new website? Do you, or do you just need a better strategy?
Matt is someone who was the right cultural fit, and this is often a hard thing to nail. It was his ability to explain things that made sense when other IT geeks only tried to feel powerful by confusing you using words that made no sense and only frustrated everyone. Beyond this, Matt took the ball and ran with it. He’s welcome at our boardroom table anytime as both the internal and external clients dig him. An all round good guy. Dan Adler

Managing Director, The Really Quite Good Ideas Company

Matt is really up to date and knowledgeable in digital marketing trends. I like to work with people that really enjoy what they do and you only have to spend 15 minutes over a coffee with him to understand his passion for IT and digital marketing. He knows his stuff, shows interest in what you do, looks for strategies to employ in your business and focuses on results. David Ford

Recruitment Specialist, New Point Recruitment

I’m very happy with the work Matt has done for us. He recently optimised our site and within two weeks there was a dramatic jump in traffic. Joel Helmes

General Manager, Behind The Wheel

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